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What’s Inside

This collection of over 60 penetrating essays by health educators and broadcast journalists Jeffry Fawcett and Layna Berman unpack the shortcomings of the science that leads to overdiagnosis and overtreatment at the hands of the health care system. Fawcett and Berman offer an alternative to health as the absence of disease: health as the biological capacity to lead a full, rich life. The essays consist of 48 articles previously published in the Progressive Health Observer organized into 15 sections. Each section is introduced by an original essay.


Like the Your Own Health And Fitness radio show, Too Much Medicine, Not Enough Health covers a range of issues from a critical perspective, including

  • Why hypertension isn’t a disease
  • Why obesity isn’t a disease
  • How hormone imbalance is ignored
  • How nutrition standards are flawed
  • Why vitamins are good for you
  • How news media are biased on health
  • How research is biased on health
  • How environmental cues affect health
  • Why the conventional explanation for heart attacks makes no sense
  • Why the placebo effect is a good thing
  • Why mammograms don’t save lives
  • The social determinants of health, illness, and injury
  • The environmental causes of health, illness, and injury
  • How the risk of illness is passed from one generation to the next
  • Why multitasking is a myth
  • Why menstruation is a good thing
  • Why wireless technologies are the cigarettes of the 21st Century