Green Doesn’t Mean Nontoxic

Happy Earth Day!

It’s one of those mass celebrations that continues to have some meaning. After all, it hasn’t been transformed into a shopping extravaganza.

With all the environmental and ecological horrors we face, I thought I’d mention some good news. And that news is not hard to find, believe it or not. Continue reading

Radiation Experiments

Aiden Fitchett has confirmed the results of a scientific experiment. Aiden is a second grader in Michigan. What Aiden confirmed is that radiofrequency radiation harms the germination and development of Garden cress. Aiden repeated a similar experiment conducted by ninth grade Danish students. Continue reading

Genes Do Not Cause Disease

Great time, effort, and money was spent in unraveling the human genome. A principal justification for that enormous project was the belief that identifying genes would unleash unimaginable health benefits: we (or at least gene technologists) would be able to manipulate defective genes or at the very least find out which gene variations are associated with the risk of disease and disability. Continue reading

Involuntary Medical Experiments

I’m sure you’ve heard about the article written for Mother Jones by Mariah Blake on the dangers of plastics used to replace BPA. After years of protracted struggle, parents and environmentalists managed to get BPA banned from use in a wide variety of products, particularly products that affect children. The concern is that BPA has been shown for many years to be an endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen. Continue reading

Nutrition as Science and Ideology

A little over a decade ago, the science journalist Gary Taubes challenged the dominant theory of heart disease in the mainstream media. One critique was published in Science magazine with the title “The soft science of dietary fat” and another was published in the New York Times with the title “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?” Continue reading

Vaccines as Pharmaceuticals

Vaccines aren’t pharmaceuticals—but they might as well be. A friend told me about a visit to his doctor who, knowing better than to recommend a flu shot, nevertheless urged him to be vaccinated for conditions associated with aging.  Continue reading

Technophilia and GMO Agriculture

One of the reasons I read the New York Times is that it keeps me up to date on what the ruling class wants us to think, one of which is that genetically modified organisms used in agriculture are perfectly safe and that opposition isn’t really rational. Continue reading

Cancer Isn’t a Medical Problem

An article published in the journal Cancer Research shows what’s wrong with cancer research. Science Daily reports on it under the title “Newly Discovered Gene Interaction Could Lead to Novel Cancer Therapies.” Continue reading

Dioxin in Your Cake

Dioxin, as I’m sure you know, is an extremely harmful chemical. Sucralose, under the brand name Splenda®, is, as I’m sure you also know, a widely used sugar substitute produced by a subsidiary of the Johnson & Johnson corporate giant. Continue reading

User Hostile

When I worked in Silicon Valley many years ago, we called software that didn’t work well “user hostile.” That memory came to me, of course, because of the embarrassing performance of the Obama administration in enabling (or more accurately, preventing) enrollment in a medical insurance plan under the so-called Affordable Care Act—which should be more accurately called, not Obamacare, but the Health Insurance Industry Guaranteed Profit Act. Continue reading