Cindy Sage Criticizes Smart Meters

Play Cindy Sage, nationally renowned environmental land use consultant and author of assessments of wireless and cell tower installations, reviews her critique of the newest EPRI Technical Report designed to reassure the public about the safety of Smart Meters.

Listen to “Is This Even Legal?”

Play Attorney Larry Bragman is Mayor of the town of Fairfax in Marin County, California, where he introduced and authored Fairfax’s 2010 groundbreaking Smart Meter Moratorium. Josh Hart is the director of Stop Smart Meters, a journalist and activist who is leading a citizen revolt against wireless utility meters. They both join the show to discuss how citizens can protect their civil rights, privacy, and health from the proliferation of wireless technologies.

Opt Out

In California, electric utility customers may opt out of Smart Meter installation.

RENTERS may opt out. What matters is that you are the utility customer.

Charges for opting out are not a done deal. The CPUC still has to rule on them.

Community Opt Out

Activists have an application before the CPUC that includes a community-wide opt out.

The Problem If you opt out but your neighbors don’t, you’ll still be exposed to their Smart Meter radiation.

The Solution Allow entire communities to opt out of Smart Meter installation.

Stay Informed

Join the EMF Safety Network in fighting for consumer rights.


Join Stop Smart Meters! in taking action against this technology.