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About the Library

Over the past seventeen years, our listeners have told us what an important resource the weekly health seminars on Your Own Health and Fitness have been for them. Now we offer this resource in its entirety to you as a research tool from YOHAF U—Your Own Health and Fitness University.

Making Decisions You may find yourself, a loved one, or a friend facing a difficult diagnosis or health condition. Use the Library to understand your options.

Research Perhaps you’re studying independently with another institution and want a research library.

Protection Or you may simply want to protect your health capacity through improvements in your lifestyle and nutrient, supplement, hormonal, and exercise choices.

600 Hours With our new Library Card feature, you have unlimited access to more than 500 hours of tutorials and interviews covering the breadth of health practices and science with researchers and practitioners that you will rarely find in the conventional media.


  • Unlimited access to over 600 hours of Your Own Health And Fitness
  • Listen to any show, any time
  • Listen as many times as you want
  • Download shows to your iPod or other listening device
  • Find what interests you with a powerful search engine
  • Each listing includes references to important resources
  • $7.95 per month for access


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